southern smash

Scale Smashing.  It is a simple concept: Scale + Sledgehammer = Instant Therapy

The idea of scale smashing is nothing new in the eating disorder therapy world.  What is new is the idea of taking scale smashing and turning it into an event full of activities designed to literally and spiritually free you from the numbers that weigh you down.  After being addicted to the scale for over ten years, I could not wait to get my instant relief via hammers and scales.  However, I did not want a solitary smashing in my backyard.  I wanted others to join me in this liberation.  I knew so many could relate and find freedom in such an event.

Sadly, most American women (and men) feel trapped by the number on the scale.  Numbers infiltrate every aspect of our society and lives: pounds, calories, carbs, BMI, body/fat ratio, the list goes on forever.  So why not make a day to free ourselves and let go from any and all ties that bind us down…whatever they may be.

Click here for more information: Southern Smash

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One thought on “southern smash

  1. Victoria says:

    An amazing opportunity to leans more about yourself, others, and eating disorders. It is an uplifting experience. Loved it!

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