Forever and Always Your Momma

To my beloved children,

I prayed for you for years and now I don’t remember a world without you.

My heart bursts with gratitude that God picked me to be your mother. Motherhood is the messiest, most stressful and life changing gift, not a job, but a gift that I cherish.

Thank you for teaching me how to love with my whole heart and soul. Thank you for giving me your love, snuggles, giggles and kisses. Thank you for showing me a love so big it hurts. 

Manning, you gave me the title of “momma”. You remind me every day to laugh with my whole belly and not to sweat the small stuff. You also teach me the names of every truck ever invented. I love your spirit, your smile and your endless curiosity. You’ve never met a stranger or a truck you don’t like. May that twinkle in your eye never fade and your heart always stay full. And never forget that you are and will ALWAYS be my blue eyed baby boy.

Marjorie, oh my sweet Marjorie, you showed me a love so huge and so strong that it could move mountains. You came into this world and fought like hell to stay. My heart shattered when I saw you so tiny and exposed in this world too soon. I felt I failed you as a mother because I could no longer protect you. But leave it to your small and mighty spirit to take the pieces of my broken heart and put them back together even better than before. God has big plans for you and I pray allow them to unfold before you.

I can hardly wait to see the extraordinary people you two will become. You both have already made me the proudest mom on the planet.

God has answered all of my prayers in each of you. I love you two with every single piece of me.

Forever and always,


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3 thoughts on “Forever and Always Your Momma

  1. Libby Kelly says:

    McCall, what a momma you are!! Your children are Blessed. Love, Elizabeth’s mom, Libby Kelly.

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