SMASH Gratitude

As my feet continue to try and touch the ground, my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude to everyone who made and continues to make Southern Smash possible. My SMASH gratitude list is too long to Tweet and too important to squish in a Facebook status. Therefore, I felt this was the best place for my thanks rundown. So, in no particular order, here it goes…

To my mom, dad, SuSu, GaGa and every adopted family member in between: Thank you for the errand runs, scale schlepping, monster-sitting, donations, prayers and everything you did both big and small.

To my Girls on the Run family: Your endless encouragement and love keep me going. I appreciate all the support and daily inspiration you give me from near and far. I am so thankful for the “ShePOWER” office therapy, 3-hour ‘Board’ Meetings, the Chill Chart, Tear Tracker and the friendships I’ve found in each of you.

To my dear friend, Hydie: You are my mentor, my hero and my ‘dearest’ friend. You came into my life when I needed you most and you haven’t left my side since. Thank you for always encouraging me to share my voice and tell my story. You are truly the inspiration behind Smash and everything I do. You already know my sincere gratitude, but you know I’ll always remind you over our next 3-hour lunch date.

To Anh: Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to head south and support Smash. It was an absolute pleasure to finally meet the marketing brains behind my favorite house in North Carolina. Each and every person on the CH staff is simply extraordinary and you are no exception. I look forward to a future CH Smash and will be blowing up your email inbox soon.

To my sweet boys, Jordan and Manning: You keep me laughing and always remind me what is really important in life: family, our family. Thank you for loving me unconditionally, encouraging me to chase this mission and putting up with a house full of ribbon and crushed scales.

To Christy: It is hard to believe it has been two years since we hugged goodbye in your office. Life has certainly come full circle. To have you support and participate in Smash, well, I don’t think the circle could get any ‘fuller’. All I can say is that it was surreal having you here and I was so proud to show you the wonderful life I have created for myself since leaving the Carolina House. You already know my gratitude and I hope in coming down you were able to get a small glimpse at the massive ripple effect that began with you two years ago.

To my SoleSisters, Smash Ambassadors and Scale Ninjas: Thank you for supporting a cause that might not be the “coolest” amongst your peers. You are wiser, smarter and stronger for it. Keep conquering the world a scale at a time. Thank you for your endless support, work and SMASH love. But most of all, thank you for giving me the honor to watch you realize your true beauty and potential and to see you shine in your own skin.

To Mary: Nearly four years ago I stumbled upon your couch and my life has never been the same. Every time I was ready to call it quits, your kindness, compassion and genuine sincerity kept me coming back. You always believed in me even though I often questioned why. You gave me the gentle push and permission I needed to truly get the help I so desperately warranted. When I returned back to you, our real work began. My footing in recovery grew stronger every week and you helped me (and continue to help me) on my path to self-discovery. Smash would not exist without you. I would not exist without you.

To the panelists, Mary, Laura, Renee & Christy: Thank you for lending your expertise and for taking the time to be a part of the inaugural SmashTALK. Because of you, each and every attendee left touched by your words and advice. Thank you for believing in this unknown advocate and thank you for eagerly joining the SMASH family.

To my Anne: Everything has already been said…and what hasn’t been said, you already know in your heart. There is no gift worthy nor Hallmark card big enough. You are my life saver, my soul sister, my best friend. Love you always.

To Susan, Lizzard and the RKF family: Thank you for believing in and supporting this Rocketchix from Day One. Each of you live life with a ferocious twinkle in your eye. You show us all how life is to be lived. Thank you for helping me find my calling and giving Southern Smash some much needed ‘street cred’.

To Carley: It is hard to know where to begin. Southern Smash would not exist if it weren’t for a lot of people, but you ARE the reason it exists and continues to grow and touch others today. You are the oldest and wisest soul I have ever encountered. I am beyond lucky and honored to call you a friend and my number one Smash girl. Thank you for helping me take my crazy idea and see it into a reality. I’m not sure if the world is ready for you. You are simply extraordinary. You touch everyone you meet and I am no exception. Keep rocking sorority row…I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you next.

To every SMASH Facebook Liker, Twitter Follower and our supporters near and far: This is only the beginning. I hope you find support, comfort and help in our posts, talks and smashes, but most of all I hope you know that you are never, ever alone.

To me: Amongst my gratitude list, there is one person I am most grateful for…me. It might sound odd to some, but I used to live my life thanking everyone else and never giving myself the credit I deserved. While so many people have touched my life, I am the one who has done the work and overcome many obstacles to get to where I am today. I am beyond proud of myself for the person I’ve fought to become, as well as the incredible people I choose to surround myself with. My life is enriched with people and things that fill me up, support me and most of all inspire me to do things I never thought were possible. I can honestly say there is not one thing I would change about my life. My blessings are abundant and I am the wealthiest person I know. My cup runneth over.

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