I woke up this morning feeling a bit naked.  No one knew this blog existed until yesterday.  After sharing my blog with my friend, she asked me if she could post it on her Facebook.  I agreed (after a bottle of wine)…and then with one click my story and soul was out there for all of FaceBook to see…YIKES.  I am always willing and open to share my story, but putting it out there in such a way scared me to death.  What will people think?  Will they laugh at this?  Will they think it is silly?  And as I woke up this morning and saw everyone’s loving comments, I suddenly realized this is just another step in my journey.  I live my life free and out in the open now…who cares if someone reads it and thinks it is silly or bland.  I will just unfriend them 🙂  This is my story and I am no longer ashamed of it.  I am not ashamed of who I am or where I have been.  Maybe my story will help someone else one day…that is my hope – to pay it forward.  So if my blog is the vehicle for that to happen then it is worth fearing the critics and streaking naked through the Facebook newsfeed.

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