To Blog or Not to Blog…

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now, but never had the guts to put myself out there in such a fashion. Plus, what would I write about? Who would read it? Well…I’ve finally come to terms that a) I want to write and b) I don’t care who does or does not read this. I want to write about my experiences, especially in this tumultuous past year. This blog will not be filled with any eloquent literary expressions or insanely witty writings – it is just me.

The past few years of my life have been rocky to say the least and even on my darkest days the one thing I always knew to be true was that one day I would pay it forward and hopefully help others like me — those who suffer from the cruel and unusual punishment of a little thing called an eating disorder. But I feel my story and experiences apply to not only ED’s victims, but everyone. We all have our cross to bear…whether it is addiction, OCD, depression or just a rough patch in life. Bottom line: everyone has shitty days and sometimes shitty years.

So this is my blog…it is simple and just me. I plan to share whatever I feel like…my story, my quirky life, my pet peeves and lots of things I’ve found to be true in this sacred place I finally found called RECOVERY…

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